I would love to receive suggestions, comments, feedbacks or any kind say on my blog from my readers. I would also like to make my blog interactive platform. Please do drop me a mail asking for any recipe or tips on cooking.  I will try my best to cook and post the recipe on my blog and if that is not possible I will give you some links for sure.  

My fellow friends are most welcome to post their guest post in my blog. Please do write about yourself and the page where your blogging from and more about the food your blogging. Mail in the details to me at below mail ID

I am also interested in reviewing products, books and restaurants. Anybody can mail me the details at below mentioned email.  

The food prepared and published in Kadhyaa are mostly what is prepared on the daily basis. so if you wish to learn some recipes you can drop in here and leave your request. However i cannot promise that i will be able to make it every time due to unavailability of the ingredients etc.

You can contact me at


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