“I feel a recipe is only a theme, which an intelligent cook can play each time with a variation”- Madam Benoit
Hi All,

I am Sushma your host at Kadhyaa. Born and bought up in a small village close to coastal town of Mangalore, Southern India. Mangalore is very well known for the sea food and the rich culture. Today, I am settled in Bangalore with my husband and 2.6 yrs. old adorable and naughty son. My role as a wife/mother/DIL/daughter/sister/SIL has moulded me to become a passionate cook in my own way. A full time legal consultant in a Pharma company gives little time to juggle in the kitchen.

Why this Blog

Back in 2006, the year when I was married I wasn’t working then so internet was pastime. I bumped into various food blogs and I was completely amazed and curious on this concept. My discovery was shared with my husband who in turn encouraged me to have my own blog where I can post my cooking. Initial blog (CookSpot) and today it is Kadhyaa.
The word Kadhyaa is derived from my mother tongue Kannada which means “Special Dish”.


Food looks always tempting and inviting when it is presented well. So to a blog presentation and quality of the picture plays a great role. So far I am using the point & shoot digital camera, Sony W35 (7.2. mega pixel with 3x zoom).I will be changing my camera very soon.
I am an amateur when it comes to photography and so far I use normal light to click pictures.

Comments / Feedbacks

It always feels great when somebody says something on your work. So Kadhyaa would love to hear your feedbacks, comments, suggestions. While Kadhyaa being an interactive blog it encourages only Healthy Comments.

Kadhyaa reserves right to moderate / delete the comments which are racial, personal remarks defamatory or any illegal contents.

Respect the Ideas

All the contents of Kadhyaa are original and belong to Kadhyaa.  Any Redistribution of the contents in part or in full is prohibited. You may print or download the content for your personal and non-commercial use. You may copy the content to individual third parties for their personal use but only if you acknowledge Kadhyaa as the source of the material. You may not without the written permission of Kadhyaa distribute or commercially exploit the contents of Kadhyaa at any time, nor may at any time you can transmit it, store it in any other website or in any other electronically retrieval system. All photographs, graphics, contents of Kadhyaa are protected under India and International copyright laws unless otherwise noted. Anybody wants to use the works, contents; photos of Kadhyaa should have my written permission. 

Kadhyaa encourages only healthy comments and preserves rights to remove any inappropriate, abusive comments. 

If you want to use any contents, photos of Kadhyaa contact me at: kadhyaa.food@gmail.com

Product / Book Review

I am looking forward to some review on some products / books and post the same on my blog. Interested people can mail me at kadhyaa.food@gmail.com.

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  1. hey Sushma....found some nice recipes..keet them coming:)


Hello Everybody,

Thanks so much for dropping into my culinary adventures. I hope you had great time surfing through the page. It feels great when I read few lines appreication/feedback or comment on the post, so please go ahead and drop in few lines.

Kadhyaa supports healthy comments.


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