26 February 2015

Poha Idli

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I almost feel that I am going away from my blogging….. managing single post per month has become a hassle now. I reach home completely drained out to take up the next job as house wife...of course cooking is in no way i hate even if i am tired. We do not intend to have a lavish dinner or breakfast to that matter. A simple home cooked Rasam and rice or even bread roast with a different will suffice us. 

 The inspiration for today's post is one of the comments that I received -of course a very positive comment which really lifted my spirits and I am proud to b ea blogger. I have seen two types of people who have something to say about the blog-typical category been that "what’s there in a blog? How long does it take to post a blog ? What is such big deal in maintaining a blog- just cook, take photo write the story??????????- Initially i would lose my temper and give the person my peace of mind but now I have realised it’s of no use...or rather why should i waste my time on such person....just a smile and walk away...

Today's post is a simple, instant & quick breakfast dish-Idly

Poha Idly |How to make idly without fermentation

Preparation Time: 20 min
Soaking time: ½ - 1 hour
Cooking Time: 20-25 min
Difficulty Level: Easy-medium
Served with: Chutney/sambhar


1.5 cup idly rava
1 cup thin poha/paper avalakki
Salt to taste
1 cup curd
1 tbsp. ghee to grease the idly plates


Wash the Idly rava and poha separately and rest for 10 min then mix it together with salt and curd and keep it aside for half an hour to one hour.

Grease the idly plates with ghee or oil and pour one ladle full of the batter and steam cook it for 20-2 minutes.

Serve hot idly with your choice of chutney or sambhar.


  1. Seems very interesting Sushma. I have to try this when I run out of batter for breakfast.

  2. Hi Kadhyaa, iam a passionate baker and surfing thru several blogs i was keen to start one too , for it looked simple as you mentioned ,( some folks think ) but its not .For me clicking appealing pics of delish cakes wasnt simple . i commend you on starting this blog and posting delish food..when ever you get an apportunity.Good job !
    i tried your poha idly .came out nice .
    Would like to know did you soak the poha and rava for 10 mins after washing it or did you drain the water out ?


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