14 March 2013

Indian Amla / Gooseberry Thambli -Ayurveda In Cooking

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Its been a while that I login to post some new recipe and not able to post anything with a diversion of mind to fellow bloggers posts, or looking at online shoping portals and unable to concntrate. Well finally I am here posting something new here :)

Today's post is a simple under 15 minutes recipe with no cooking needed. Sounds lilttle weird right, but trust me once you see the recipe it will give you a justification. This is very traditional "Havyaka" recipe. This recipe calls for simple ingredients.
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Indian Amla /Gooseberry Thambli-Ayurveda in Cooking-Cooking Under 15 min

Preparation Time: 10 min
Cooking Time: No
Difficulty Level: Easy
Shelf Life: One day if refrigerated
Served with: Steamed Rice /Rosametta Rice

One medium size Gooseberry /Indian Amla chopped roughly
1/ 2 cup fresh grated coconut
2-3 tsp. grated jaggery
1/4 cup sour curd/yoghurt
1 green chilli slit
Salt per taste
1.5 cup water

1tsp. oil
1 /2 tsp., mustard seeds
1 strand curry leaves
1 /2 broken red chilli

Put together all the ingredients labelled under Ingredients except the water and grind into a smooth paste. Then add the water enough to bring into the sambhar consistency.

Season with the above ingredients labelled under Seasoning. Serve cold with white rice /rosametta rice.

Since the recipe is not cooked you need to refrigerate the Thambli.


  1. Yumm,thambli looks fabulous.

  2. Fantastic and healthy recipe.. looks great !!

  3. Looks superb and very inviting too

  4. Very nice recipe...


  5. A very new Amla recipe for me, thanks for the share.


  6. I love nellikai tambli a lot. So simple and so traditional to our cuisine. Love this tambli.

  7. I love this with plain rice...my fav..

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