31 July 2012

Parwal & Aloo Sabji


Last month my parents were here for a week. House becomes so cheerful and lively when our parents are here. My dad loves to go out try out new eating joints and try variety of cuisines. This time he had a long drive with his SIL and had Chinese food. His routine in Bangalore will be getting up early in the morning and while we are all fast asleep (me only on weekend :() he will help in the kitchen and then he would come and stand with me when i get picked from the cab. Fun part would be standing with waiting for the cab and constantly will speak about cars. thanks to him that I  have a car craze!. 

It is always amazing the way he starts a conversation with a stranger from a vegetable vendor to   anybody and finally there will a connection most of the time to out home town. this time his connection was with a vegetable super market and owner and he got "Parwal", I haven't used this vegetable till day. He had asked the way of cooking from the owner and adapting from the recipe of both the owner and internet prepared this. 

Parwal & Aloo Sabji with Peanut Masala

Preparation Time: 10 min
Cooking Time: 20 min
Serves: 2
Difficult Level: Easy
Served with: Steamed Rice/Rasam/Curd Rice/Indian flat bread/Roti


10-12 Parwal
2 medium Potato /Aloo
1 tsp. Jeera
2 tsp. oil
Salt to taste
1 tsp. jaggery
 1 tsp. lime juice

For the Masala

1 tbsp. peanut/ground nut
3-4 red chillies

Wash the parwal and cut into 1inch square. Remove the middle filling. Cut potato also into small square as parwal and keep it aside. Take a pan to that add the oil and jeera and wait till jeera splutters.

Add the aloo and parwal coat well with oil and jeera and let it cook in medium flame for about 10 min. Add about 1 /4 glass of water, salt and jaggery and close the lid. Meanwhile dry roast the masala ingredients till you get nice aroma and peanut is nicely roasted. Keep aside to cool down. Once cooled down make the powder.

Now add 1 tsp. of the masala powder and lime juice and mix well. Cook till the vegetables are cooked well and the spices come together.

Serve hot with Steamed rice/chapati/roti. 


  1. Delicious looking parwal. Love to try it out soon.


  2. Hey photo laayika bayindu.. and tempting...

  3. New to me. looks nice.

  4. Nice blog :)
    salam kenal sobat :)
    di tunggu kunjungan balik.nya ya !terimakasih ...

  5. Beautiful looking parwal aloo sabzi!

  6. Love this.. super tempting aloo paraval subzi

  7. Delicious subzi dear !!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner


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