26 July 2012

Green/French Apple Soda- Instant Relief

A thought just came across my mind...what if google never came up with the idea of Blogger, what would have happened to all of us..the thought is scary and  I wouldn't have met so many wonderful friends on the virtual world. A big thanks GOOGLE. Life without google cannot even be dreamed of. GOOGLE is almost used as "XEROX" which means actually a name of the company but today we use it as alternate for "Photo copy" !

Leaving my thought process behind before it becomes weirdest, lets talk about the food & today's post. Its a simple green apple soda. Both me and hubby love the soda based drink. so here is a simple recipe.

Green / French Apple Soda-Instant cheer up

Preparation Time: 10 min
Serves: 2-4


2 French/Green apples peeled
2 tbsp. honey
Soda 500 ml
Ice cubes/ cold water 250 ml
Mint leaves (optional) I didn’t use

With Sugar Syrup

1/2  cup sugar
1 /2 cup water


Wash, pat it dry with a kitchen towel and peel off the skin of the apple and roughly make big chunks and put in the juice maker along with half of the water . pour the apple syrup into the juice glasses along with honey, soda and ice cubes.

If using sugar syrup:

Heat the sugar and water together and take out from the fire just before it forms one thread consistency. Then follow the above step.

Enjoy the drink.


  1. nice summer treat!

  2. Simple yet very innovative drink. Thanks a lot for sharing this lovely drink.

  3. bingo !! life without Google can't imagine..Whenever I have to go some unkown place I googlele search for map details..Life is so easy...I too love soda based drinks ;-) love this

  4. simple and so refreshing drink..loved this!


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