15 July 2011

Orange Juice -A Refreshment


Friday is always a big day for all the movie craze. And today ofcourse is a big for all the Harry Potter fan irrespective of the age group. I do fall in this group and waiting to watch the end of this the "Most Admired" movie. last week I watched Transformer's 3 . however I never liked the previous two parts but the III part is nice. Along with the movie I tasted Tomato & Chili pop corn and must tell that it tatsed great!.

Today's posting is a great combo for the movie along with bucket popcorn.

Orange Juice

Preparation Time: 5 min
making time:10 min
Serves :2


5 oranges peeled
4tsp sugar/honey
ice cubes
1.5 cup water


Peel and de-seed the oragnes.
Take oranges sugar/honey, in a juice jar.
Add water and mix it well.
Serve chilled

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