31 May 2011

Raagi/Finger Millet Idli With Ginger & Green Chilli Chutney

raagi Idli

We all prepare the regular Idlis all the times. So I just twisted the regular recipe and replaced rice to raagi and rest the recipe remains same. The result was a healthy, yummy breakfast.

Please dont go by the colour. it tastes really nice :)

Raagi/ Finger Millet Idli With Ginger &Green Chilli Chutney
(Raagi flour mixed with fermented urad dal mix and Steam cooked & Served with Spicy & Sweet Chutney)

Preparation Time: 10 min
Cooking Time:30 min

Ingredients for Raagi Idli

1.5 cup Raagi flour
3/4 cup urad dal 
salt per taste
1tbsp ghee


Sieve and keep aside the raagi flour. Soak the urad dal in water for about four hours. Grind the  Urad dal into a fine batter adding very lilttle water. Add the sieved raagi flour to the batter. Let the batter sit overnight for fermatention.

You can add the salt before fermenting also but I usually add it next day just when preparing the idlis.
Take a pressure cooker/Idli cooker and grease Idli stands with ghee and pour 1 laddle full of batter to each bowl and steam cook for about 25 minutes.


Ginger & Green Chilli Chuteny/Dip
(Ginger & Green Chilli blended with Fresh coconut and spices)

Preparation Time :10 min
Cooking Time: No cooking
Serves :2-4


1" ginger washed and peeled
1.5 green chilli (vary according to spicy level)
1/2 cup grated fresh coconut
salt to taste
half lemon size tamarind

For the Seasoning

1tsp oil
1 tsp musturd seed
1 starnd curry leaves
1 red chilli broken


Put all the above ingredients expect the seasoning ingredients into a blender and grind it in to corase paste. Put it in a serving bowl and add the seasoning.
Serve it with hot Idli.

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