14 April 2011

Menthe / Fenugreek Seeds Tambli

Menthe / Fenugreek Tambli
(Methi seeds blended with coconut and other spices)


1tsp ghee/refined oil
1tsp methi seeds
salt to taste
2tbsp jaggery
1cup coconut grated fresh
1/4 cup sour curd

For Tampering

1 tsp oil
1 tsp mustard seeds
1 red chilli broken
1 strand curry leaves


Take a pan and add refined oil/ghee and add methi seeds and fry it till it crackles. switch off the flame add the methi seeds, salt, coconut, curd and jaggery into the blender and blend it into a very fine paste. 

Add enough water. the tambli should not too watery it should be medium consistent. Put the seasoning and serve chilled. Keep it in the refrigerator since we do not cook the dish.


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